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We just provided tile and grout cleaning for Allergy Environmental Treatmeat Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Due to the allergy and asthma condition of their patients it was critical that no chemcials were used in this cleaning process. Plus the demand for high standards was expected.

Our systems uses water heated up to 290 degrees with low moisture and low pressure. This allows us to clean and sanitize virtually any surface without chemicals.

Vapor Steam Cleaner sales since 1995Ladybug, Reliable, Enviromate, Fogacci, Vapamore Vapor Steam Cleaners for sale with 24/7 telephone and email support. We sell via the Internet, in-home demonstrations or demonstrations at our Scottsdale office. Please call ahead for appointments. We are also available after hours and on weekends by appointment.

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Metro Phoenix, Arizona Grout Cleaning
FREE estimates, FREE 511 Porous Plus Floor grout seal with total floor grout cleaning. Clean, seal, re-stain and repairs. We are insured and bonded. We are not licensed contractors with the ROC. Looking to start your own grout cleaning business? Buy a machine from Vapor Professionals and we will share our knowledge at no additional cost!

Service and Repair
 We are one of two companies in the USA that does warranty and service work for the Ladybugs, Reliable, Fogacci, We also service Polti Vaparetto.Service and repair all Ladybugs, Vapor Jets, Mondo Vaps, Fogacci Diavolo, Topline, Optima, 7000 & 5000.  Polti Vaporetto 2000R, 1030R, 2085, Eco Pro 3000 and Mondial Vap. Contact us if you own other vapor equipment requiring service.

Vapor Steam cleaner rentals
Vapor steam Rentals for grout and tile cleaning, general cleaning and bed bugs. Kill temperature is 113 degrees F. Our machines are 250 to 320 degees F.Call ahead of time to make your appointment. Monday through Friday. We give 15 to 20 minutes of training. Buy a machine when you return the rental we will deduct the rental off any machine $799.00 and up! Good for $100.00 or less credit.